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1:1 Fitness & Nutrition Coaching
Coaching in West Palm Beach, FL or Online

Forget one-size-fits-all approaches.

Fitness and Nutrition is like a fingerprint - Individual for everyone!

Achieve your desired fitness goals with food freedom and a healthy mindset.

Get the best out of yourself and start your personal transformation now!


 Recent Client Transformations

Vanessa Gaber Fitnesscoach


Lose Fat & Get In Shape


Build Muscle & Strength


Develop A Growth Mindset

You deserve to feel good in your body
and be able to perform at your best.

The coaching focuses on individual solutions that are tailored to you and your life.
We will develop a long-term strategy that fits your lifestyle and brings you l
ongterm success.

If you're ready to finally take your fitness journey serious and create sustainable momentum. Then my coaching is right for you!



Falling in love with exercising, pushing yourself & eating healthy.

Enjoying the process of becoming the fittest and healthiest version of yourself. Developing motivation and drive to reach your goals.



All plans are customized specifically to your lifestyle, time availability and current fitness level.


There are never any

 "cookie cutter plans" or "one size fits all" solutions in my coaching!



The ability to get in shape while still eating your favorite foods including pizza and ice cream!

My plans are based on

flexible dieting guidelines.



Weekly feedback is provided via recorded videos on your exercise execution and nutrition. Additionally, we conduct bi-weekly 1:1 calls to address your personal journey. You also have access to instructional videos for all exercises in your plan.


Science Based

No fad diets or TikTok Trends!

I'll only teach you the facts and strategies that are based on the most recent scientific studies.



 The availability of having all of your questions answered promptly (within 24 hours).

I will guide you in overcoming challenges & establishing realistic healthy habits.



Initial questionnaire covering nutrition, overall health, mindset and habits.


Baseline fitness assessment.


Plan Structure

Progressive Overloading including exercise substitutions, intensity adjustments &

deload/ recovery weeks.

Well rounded understanding of nutrition.

"I simplify scientific research into actionable daily habits and tools for you! Making it easy and enjoyable to
achieve your goals sustainably."


1:1 Personal Training That Brings You The Body & Mindset You Deserve



1:1 Live Calls


Weekly Check-Ins with Video Feedback


24/7 Chat Support


Everything Within One App


Exercise Instructional



Progress Tracking & Habit Formation

Personal Trainer Vanessa Gaber

Meet Your Coach
Vanessa Gaber

I believe that everyone should feel comfortable in their body without being on a boring and bland restrictive diet. Everyone is capable of achieving their dream body, while living a balanced life, having a good relationship with food and exercise.


Here are my credentials:

  • 11 Years of experience in Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching

  • Nutrition Coach (IST, University of Applied Science, Germany)

  • Fitness Coach (IST, University of Applied Science, Germany)

  • B.Sc. in Business Psychology (HBRS, University of Applied Science, Germany)

  • Therapist for Clinical-Psycho-Neuro-Immunology (PNI Europe)

  • Sports & Fitness Management Assistant (CCI Germany)

  • Systemic Coach (Institute For Applied Psychology)

What my clients say:

Efi, Germany:

"I always felt very comfortable during the coaching sessions with Vanessa. She was great with responding to my individual wishes and questions. She has great tips and tricks. Her understanding and empathetic nature motivated me very much!☺️"

How To Get Started With Your Coaching:


Set-up A Free Initial Consultation

We will discuss where you are at currently; along with your goals, expectations and you'll be able to ask all your questions.


Complete The Survey

This survey will help me to get to know you better to completely understand your nutritional habits, diet history, daily routines, eating preferences, activity levels and mindset.


Your Journey Begins!

 1:1 Live Call. Access & guided tour of the App we will be using. We will dive deeper into your goals, questions, concerns and anything else that is on your mind so that I can create the best plan for you!


Initial Fitness Assessment

You'll complete a short and painless fitness assessment comprised of basic exercises. This will give me insight on creating the best possible plan for your current fitness capability.


Time To Get Started!

You'll get your plans and now it's time to start tracking your progress. Transformation photos, weight, measurements, nutrition and training data - everything will get's tracked in the App.

We will stay in contact via the chat section within the App where you can ask me questions at any time.


Weekly Feedback 

You'll get recorded feedback from me every single week. This includes video feedback about the execution of the exercises, nutrition and potential changes in the training and nutrition plan.


Live Calls 

In our Bi-Weekly calls we will discuss your progress, successes, challenges and help you navigate through any unforeseen/ potential obstacles.

Following up with covering any upcoming adjustments of your plan and a dedicated time to ask any questions you might have!


Talk To Your Coach
Vanessa Gaber

To start with your personal training you must arrange an initial free consultation​. In this free call, we will discuss your goals and expectations. You'll be able to ask any and all of your questions then we can start creating a plan on how to achieve your goals!

This Coaching Is For You, If You Want To...

✅...Lose Weight

✅...Get In Shape

✅...Build Muscle

✅...Get Stronger

✅...Learn Skills

✅...Change Your Nutrition Habits

✅...Gain An Understanding of Nutrition

✅...Improve Wellbeing

✅...Better Performance

✅...More Self Confidence

Goodbye Fad Diets👋
Hello Dream Body!

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the coaching for? Everyone! It doesn't matter if you're a mom or dad, have a career or are a student. Anyone who has the ambition and really wants to start their fitness journey is welcome!

Do I need a Gym Membership? The great part is that's completely up to you! Wether you train at home, outside at a park or at your local gym all I need to know, is what equipment you have available!

How often do I need to train? That's up to your time schedule and your personal preferences. I recommend to do at least 2 training sessions per week, for about 45-60 minutes (as a minimum). The best results will be achieved with 3-4 training sessions per week.

How long is the duration of the coaching? Since we are focusing on creating a sustainable lifestyle with long-term habit changes, the minimum duration is 3 months. Sustainable success can't be achieved overnight. Long-term changes take time and patience. But of course you can stay longer if you'd like to!

Can I do the coaching from anywhere? Yes, of course! My clients live all over the world. The coaching is available in German and English.

Is this coaching for beginner or advanced athletes? Anyone and Everyone!!! It doesn't matter if you've never worked out before, or if you're an experienced athlete. My coaching is for suited for everyone!

How much does the coaching cost? Your investment depends on the type of support you would like. You have the option for monthly In-Person check-in (West Palm Beach, FL or surrounding area) or online 1:1 supervision. Talented trainers that provide substantial results are in high demand with that being said I'm constantly improving my knowledge and the quality of my coaching. Investing in your health is always worth it. A fit and healthy body is the best investment you can make against illness and the high health costs.

How often do you update the training and nutrition plans? It's all depending on your progress and circumstances. A typical training cycle will be between 4-6 weeks, before we will make any major changes. The same applies for your nutrition plan. Once you hit a plateau it's time to adjust calories and macros.

Do I get a mealplan with meal structures and recipes? You can choose if you want a specific fixed meal plan, or if you want to follow a flexible dieting approach. Either way, I will calculate the correct amount of calories and macros for your goals and make adjustments when needed.

What happens if I get Injured or sick during the coaching period? If you suddenly get injured or become ill and aren't able to continue the coaching we will pause for the time being until you are able to train again. The time you have missed will be credited to your account.

How do I pay? You can either pay in full or make monthly installments via invoice or subscription.

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